elise roulin

In 2012, Elise meets Rodolfo Dinzel in his studio in Buenos Aires. With him she discovers the concept of Argentine Tango as pure improvisation, creating an essential dialogue within the couple. She could reach the great feelings of freedom and creativity while dancing and since then, she has been sharing her experience in this spirit, first in Buenos Aires, and then traveling in Europe. Elise approaches the joy of the body technical work as a tool to reach the freedom needed to express the uniqueness of ourselves, rather than for a technical competition. As she considers Argentine Tango as an art, she tries to guide the dancers in the research of their own inner dance, and in the quality of its sharing. She proposes a fair share of the pleasures and responsibilities between the two tango partners, so both roles are able to fully express themselves.

toni kastelan

is studying Argentinean Tango in Buenos Aires since 2010 and teaching regularly in Europe. Before dedicating himself to tango full-time, Toni danced and taught Lindy Hop, a jazz inspired dance, for many years. Since his discovery of the Argentine Tango he wanted to explore its roots in order to achieve an deeper understanding of the dance and its cultural heritage. Toni was trained in Buenos Aires by Mario Morales, a choreographer, tango and folk dancer who had trained many of the successful dancers of the Mundial Tango championship. His movements are based on fearless instincts and dynamic motions.  For Toni, Tango is a way of living, and most importantly a tool to express himself as an individual and artist. He wishes to share this experience through his teaching.



"we have a passion for tango and what tango can do for people. We are privileged to travel the world to dance and share our experience, and hopefully we can inspire our students to find their uniqueness in the art of the Argentinian Tango. We believe that tango is more than just a dance, it is a way to deeply connect to ourselves and to people, and to accept the beauty of the diversity. We let our passion for tango shine through and at best we can be a source of inspiration for others to find their own dance."






KRAKOW  Workshops & Show  JAN. 11-13 


POLAND  Winter Tango Holidays  28 JAN. - 3 FEB.


STAVANGER  Twenty Year Anniversary MARCH 22-24

LAUSANNE Private Classes  27 MARCH - 19 APRIL

ROUEN  Week-End Des Hirondelles Workshops & Show  APRIL 27-28


ZABRZE May Tango  Festival MAY 9-12


LAUSANNE  Workshops, Show & Private Classes  MAY 15-23


RZESZOW  Workshops, Show & Private Classes JUNE 7-9


POLAND  Summer Tango Holidays  JULY 8-14


LAUSANNE  Private Classes  AUG. 8-16 

TUSCANY  Tango & Pilates Retreat  AUG. 17-20


LODZ  Workshops & Private Classes  SEP 21-22

KRAKOW Workshops & Show SEPT. 27- 29


VÄSTERÅS Workshops, Show & Private Classes OCT. 5-6

BANSKA BYSTRICA Workshops, Show & Private Classes OCT 18-20

STAVANGER Workshops  NOV. 2-3



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